So Here Is The Deal

I was struggling to make a post about my trip to Indian Wells, and going to the LA Tennis Challenge. I  was struggling to do lack of internet at home, and more hours at work.

It wasn’t going to be that interesting anyway. A good time was had by all.

Now something that I need to write about is  something I thought we went over before. I guess some people don’t get it.

At the Sony Open Tennis player party in Miami the other day, someone by the name of Daniela Hantuchova did something very bad. Let’s see if you can tell what it is.


Do you see it? Do you see the crimes she’s committing to my eyes?

She is wearing those damn shoes. You know the one strutted around Australia with. Girl, they don’t look good. They don’t fit. They aren’t even like nice shoes. Do you not have room for anything else? I know the rest of that outfit isn’t taking up much room. You obviously did not bring a hair brush. I don’t get it. Please get rid of them. They aren’t doing you any favors. Thank you.

Actually, lets take a look back at Indian Wells now that we’re together again.

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Just When I Was About To…

Forget that Rafael Nadal existed, I stumbled upon this little treasure in Inside Tennis.

What the heck is this? So much photoshop. Horrible, horrible photoshop. The random racquet/nunchuk combo. The little ribbon of light that supposed to represent the spin. His goofy face. Babolat, you a much better than this. You don’t need ads like this. People ask for the AeroPro Drive (or the “Nadal Racquet”) everyday without seeing this. Please stop this.


He looks real excited…

Rafael Nadal won the ATP’s Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award. He seemed thrilled. Best win of his life. We can see why he didn’t win the spirit award they are handing out tomorrow.

Getty Images via The Slice

Really? This is the best you could give us. This face says “Grrreeeattt, another award. Now I have to find room for this somewhere. Where do they expect me to put all these trophies and awards. Gosh, my life is so complicated. No one, but Roger understands me. Thanks, I guess.” Ahhhhh #RafaProblems

I want to go to the Stockholm Open

Just based on this commercial for it alone, someone buy me a plane ticket to Sweden.

Man, those Swedes are so creative! You could honestly tell who everyone was supposed to be even if they didn’t put the names. The Little McEnroe temper, the Little Novak ball bounce, the Little Fed tweener (that the poor kid couldn’t do), all too perfect!

Bravo, Stockholm Open, Bravo!

Just a whole bunch of things

I know Shanghai is far from over, but the men have been quite busy. It’s like party after event after party over there.

First off, they gave Andy Murray his own Terracotta Warrior statue thing.

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There is a God…

… And this God is GREAT. WHY? Because he brought me this….

Move over Nadal, and Armani. Helllooooooo Janko Tipsarevic!!! Janko did a whole spread for this underwear company called Extreme Intimo. I knew Janko had something going on, but now I finally have proof. You can see the rest of these photos right HERE. You can decide for yourself though who did it better, and why not just post pictures of Rafael Nadal in his underwear….

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Well that’s not good..

Photo from

Novak had to pull out of his first match, and retire from his second at 0-3 in the second. This gave Argentina the 3-2 win over Serbia to reach the Davis Cup final. They meet Spain in December who totally kicked France’s butt. This is a tough lost for Serbia as they won the whole thing last year, and have the number 1 player in the world on their team. 
As for Novak though, boy needs a nap. He flew in from NY 24 hours before his match. The US Open wasn’t easy for him too. He played some really tough matches. Hopefully, he will be able to take a much needed break, and get some much needed treatment so he can get back out there to finish the year strong.
The Argentina-Spain final should be quite interesting though. I’m sure everyone is betting on Rafael Nadal’s Spain to win this one, but I don’t know. I think Argentina definitely has a chance with Del Potro, Nalbandian, and Monaco. It’s going to be a real battle though!