It’s Happening…

The next generation of tennis rivalry is starting to take shape. While Roger Federer has been pumping out kids like a factory, Novak Djokovic took to Twitter today with is message

I’m not going to be sure on how I want to react to this for a while. I’m happy for him, I’m sad for myself, and I know that she is saying thanks to God. Hopefully this child is cute, and talented in some way, shape, or form. Congratulations to you two… I guess. You guys just continue to live it up in Greece all engaged and with child. Don’t worry about me. I’ll just be putting all my hopes and dreams in the trash, and into prayers that I don’t hear this kind of thing from Grigor.



So Here Is The Deal

I was struggling to make a post about my trip to Indian Wells, and going to the LA Tennis Challenge. I  was struggling to do lack of internet at home, and more hours at work.

It wasn’t going to be that interesting anyway. A good time was had by all.

Now something that I need to write about is  something I thought we went over before. I guess some people don’t get it.

At the Sony Open Tennis player party in Miami the other day, someone by the name of Daniela Hantuchova did something very bad. Let’s see if you can tell what it is.


Do you see it? Do you see the crimes she’s committing to my eyes?

She is wearing those damn shoes. You know the one strutted around Australia with. Girl, they don’t look good. They don’t fit. They aren’t even like nice shoes. Do you not have room for anything else? I know the rest of that outfit isn’t taking up much room. You obviously did not bring a hair brush. I don’t get it. Please get rid of them. They aren’t doing you any favors. Thank you.

Actually, lets take a look back at Indian Wells now that we’re together again.

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It’s The Men’s Turn

So, yesterday I highlighted what some of the ladies were wearing next week. I wanted to do the men too, but the women took too long. So I had to separate it. Oh Well, here are the men.

We’re starting with Roger Federer.

Roger’s full gear

What a surprise… It’s boring. Grey on grey on grey on grey on a touch of baby pink. Awesome. Next.

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A little bit of everything

Ryan Sweeting looks awful!

Getty Images

Newly engaged James Blake hosted a charity in New York City recently. His good old pal Ryan Sweeting came along to show his support. Ummm when was this picture taken, at 1 am. Ryan looks tired, and/or drunk. I like Ryan too. I think he’s a good looking guy, but not that night. Whatever happened here, Mr. Sweeting, fix it… fast!

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I want to go to the Stockholm Open

Just based on this commercial for it alone, someone buy me a plane ticket to Sweden.

Man, those Swedes are so creative! You could honestly tell who everyone was supposed to be even if they didn’t put the names. The Little McEnroe temper, the Little Novak ball bounce, the Little Fed tweener (that the poor kid couldn’t do), all too perfect!

Bravo, Stockholm Open, Bravo!

Just a whole bunch of things

I know Shanghai is far from over, but the men have been quite busy. It’s like party after event after party over there.

First off, they gave Andy Murray his own Terracotta Warrior statue thing.

Yeahhhh, I guess that looks like him. It’s the thought that counts… Right? Continue reading