This post is about St. Grigor

I knew it. Grigor is a class act. In Miami over the weekend, Grigor noticed a ball girl was feeling a little ill and helped her out. He was even losing (and eventually lost in straights to Nishikori). A true knight in shining armor.



Let’s see how long it is before ball girls start using this trick all the time. I wish I would have thought of that sooner.

In other news, Mardy fish leads a really boring life… Seriously, click here to see what his twitter has come to.


Finally, something to motivate my workouts.


I’ve struggled to get my morning-now-almost-afternoon workout going today. I think I finally got something to get me onto  that treadmill. I just need to remember I need to look GOOD to get something that looks like this.

Enjoying all Thailand has to offer, Grigor Dimitrov took part in a Muy Thai fighting demonstration. The demonstration was held in Bangkok on Wednesday.

from PTT Thailland Open website

Dimitrov told the ATP, “The boxers were awesome, it was a great experience. It is my fourth time already in Thailand and the people really adore this kind of thing so it was a good chance for me to join them in their environment. It was fun.”

Lets get serious here. It’s Grigor Dimitrov… shirtless… pretending to kick the crap out of someone. I’m down. As we may know though, Grigor could be shirtless reading a telephone book for all I care, and I’m interested. Newsflash: I’m into Grigor Dimitrov, and I believe that the whole Dimitrov/Tursunov deal is the best looking doubles team alive.

You can check the rest of these photos out, and more words from Grigor himself at the Thailand Open and Seriously go check them out. There are other really cool happenings going on in Bangkok this week as well.

I finally got something!

Yes I finally got my US Open kickoff moment. I was getting nervous, because even Venus’ outfit was underwhelming (really a black dress). Then it happened. I landed upon this little gem. This would be the awkwardness between Grigor Dimitrov and Gael Monfils during their end of match handshake.

WHAT WAS THAT?! I mean I know they are european. Anyone that knows me knows I’m down with european, but this was… different. I love you to death Grigor Dimitrov, but sometimes I don’t understand you. The little kiss on the nose was cute I guess. You know what I’m into it. I think from now on they should always end with the loser trying to pull moves on the winner. A new US Open tradition of sorts. A sign that even though they lost it’s going to be ok. I’m going to start a petition or something.