Well… here I am

Yes, I haven’t posted since April. I’ve had a lot of 1st world problems going on. Like right now I’m tired and don’t feel like stringing anymore rackets so thats why I’m actually doing this. My life is hard.

I guess I also chose to come back now, because I love this part of the summer. US Open Series time if my fav!  There is always drama, things seem more fast paced. The heat makes people do crazy things.

One thing that I think is just absurd is the fact that this is making headlines.

“Moving on: Kaley Couco dating tennis pro Ryan Sweeting?

Read more at ONTD: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/80269199.html#ixzz2bFKmx5Bw


Really? Ryan Sweeting is making the news…. for dating someone… someone who isn’t even A list.   Also, Ryan, why are you in Sherman Oaks? There isn’t any tennis here anymore! What match were you playing… The great Sweeting cousin tournament?

You are ranked 518, and Kaley was just in a PR relationship last week. Please stop this 100% nonsense.


It’s What’s Goes On Off Court That Counts

That’s how that phrase goes, right? I’m sure.

Well, Round 1 has been wrapped up, and there really hasn’t been any real surprises. Federer beat lazy Paire, Tsonga beat Llodra on a surface that suits him, and Novak dominated and aging Mathieu. Yes, some people are upset about Hewitt losing, but he’s old and played the 8 seed so what do you want. Yes, Dimitrov should have done better considering how well he’s been playing all 3 weeks of this year. Really though, it’s been pretty quiet on the men’s side.

The women were much of the same. 7th seed Sara Errani went out 4-6, 4-6 to the Spanish Carla Suarez Navarro. Other than that, nothing shocking has really happened. Serena rolled her ankle, but managed to pull off a double bagel. Some people are watching 17-year-old Madison Keys. I predict like the usual youngins she’ll be out in a round or two. Blah blah.

Whatever. On to the good stuff…

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Just an ordinary day

What must life be life for a tennis player? According to twitter, they live normal lives just like the rest of us


See. Just an average guy living an average life. A life where the only thing you can tweet about on a Saturday is seeing a commercial for that retarded movie about Johnny Depp being a vampire in the 70s. *Spoiler Alert* It’s directed by Tim Burton, and it also has Helena Bonham Carter in it. What a Saturday!

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I need this now

Here is Azarenka’s new look for the French Open this year. I love. I want to wear this NOW. Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that I will NOT look like that at all, but I’ll take that risk. I’ll just be happy with the fact that I can tell people I’m Victoria, and well that will be true.

It must be nice to be a top player, and get you’re own signature outfit. You don’t have that awkward moment of showing up in the same thing as your opponent.


Oh, that’s what Ana gets.

It must be nice to be a top ranked player sponsored by Nike.

I want to go to the Stockholm Open

Just based on this commercial for it alone, someone buy me a plane ticket to Sweden.

Man, those Swedes are so creative! You could honestly tell who everyone was supposed to be even if they didn’t put the names. The Little McEnroe temper, the Little Novak ball bounce, the Little Fed tweener (that the poor kid couldn’t do), all too perfect!

Bravo, Stockholm Open, Bravo!