Well… here I am

Yes, I haven’t posted since April. I’ve had a lot of 1st world problems going on. Like right now I’m tired and don’t feel like stringing anymore rackets so thats why I’m actually doing this. My life is hard.

I guess I also chose to come back now, because I love this part of the summer. US Open Series time if my fav!  There is always drama, things seem more fast paced. The heat makes people do crazy things.

One thing that I think is just absurd is the fact that this is making headlines.

“Moving on: Kaley Couco dating tennis pro Ryan Sweeting?

Read more at ONTD: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/80269199.html#ixzz2bFKmx5Bw


Really? Ryan Sweeting is making the news…. for dating someone… someone who isn’t even A list.   Also, Ryan, why are you in Sherman Oaks? There isn’t any tennis here anymore! What match were you playing… The great Sweeting cousin tournament?

You are ranked 518, and Kaley was just in a PR relationship last week. Please stop this 100% nonsense.


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