This is going to be a first

Today, I’ve decided to do something a bit different and bring you a product review. I basically added two new items to my tennis wardrobe and I’m excited about it.

The first thing I picked up is this little beauty.


This is the Nike Force Pleated Dress. I saw Serena wear it and I was like I need it. I saw pictures of it online and definitely needed it. Then I saw some random girl wearing it and died needing it. So I bought it. Directly from Nike so no I didn’t pay 90 bucks.

Ok I love it. Design wise it’s so me. The hint of bright green at the bottom, the ruffle skirt, and the blues and greens. 100% me. I will say it was a lot lighter then I expected. It seemed on others to be really heavy, almost like they were wearing Herve Leger, but it’s really comfortable weight wise.

There is one thing that needs to be addressed. It’s tight as hell. I don’t know what God Serena prays to, or what devil she makes deals with, but that sucker is tight. I have yet to play with it so we will see how that ends up.

Next I got this fantastic tank.


This number is the Nike Force Cotton Tank. I ordered it and then saw the next two girls Maria played in Miami rocking it. So I got even more excited. It arrived today and I’ll tell you I haven’t taken it off. It’s so comfortable, so cute, and super flattering. I absolutely love it, and totally recommend it. I want it in all the colors they have.

So to sum it all up, the dress may not be for everyone, but I say run out and I get that tank top.