I’m underwhelmed.

Now that Berdych has made the crazy switch from whatever to H&M, I was expecting huge things. I was hoping for some hipster tennis mash up, but no. I wanted some weird print or like a faux denim shirt. Maybe even a skinny jean warm up. No its the same boring white shirt black shorts with a H&M logo. What the heck?

You wanna know the dumbest part about it? You can’t even buy it. If you were so compelled to go to hm.com the closest thing to mens sportswear you could find is a wristlet to keep your iPhone, and a hoodie. Oh and don’t forget the David Beckham underwear. Looks like he’s the kid in school thats too poor to buy H&M so he asked his mom to slap a few logos on his old Nike gear to the other kids won’t make fun of him. Sorry to break it to you Tomas, they ARE making fun of you.


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