Player Party Round 2

So at this other party things were a little different. Instead of a random Chinese dragon theme, there was a native Australian animal theme. All the big names were impressed. Too bad I wasn’t impressed with what they were wearing.

So first we have Tsonga. I actually think he looks nice. He tried to put his colors together, nice khaki pants. Trust me… this is a good look.

See, thats how you are supposed to look. Not like the rest of these… 

Here is Petra Kvitova..

In her matronly finest. Seriously, I’m surprised she’s not wearing a pair of mom jeans. The knee length, the short sleeves, the mother-of-the-bride color, the messy hair.. I can go on, but I rather not.

Then there was Stan.

Not horrible, but I’m guessing it was quite warm in there, or he has an irrational fear of koalas.

There was a Rodionova sister trying to hard.

Oh look how cute she is with animal. Her nails are all done, and that yellow dress. I bet everyone wanted her that night.

Melanie Oudin looked like crap.

The crazy tan line, the ugly shoes, the ill fitting dress. It all matches the wicked sunburn she’s got going on. Next.

Just in case you were wondering, Daniela was there… Oh and don’t worry…

She’s wearing the same damn shoes that are 17 times too small. Gotta love a good claw toe.

Jelena Jankovic was there as well.

Now see this isn’t a bad look at all. Purple is very in, and so is the studs. Metallic accessories always work. This is good. This works. Finally.

But don’t worry here to ruin it all is the Rodionova.. still trying too hard. Oooooo this time with a reptile!

To wrap this party all up here is a little video. Notice how they try to keep the focus on the animals and not the actual famous players.


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