Well 2013 is off to a rocky start

It was brought to my attention from a friend that something really tragic has happened. Maria has struck again. It has been reported (with Twitter confirmation) that she is dating Grigor Dimitrov. You can read all of the breaking news HERE.

There is even a picture of them 10 FEET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!! As much as I would like to believe, I highly doubt he is just a stalker. Its also reported that he’s eating a bag of her stupid candy. Maybe this is all publicity…. PLEASE GOD MAKE THIS FOR PUBLICITY!!!!

MY DEATH! from onthegotennis.com

Now, I’m starting to take these as personal attacks. She knew I liked Sasha, and I know she knows I like Grigor. How do I know this? Simple. I’m plain delusional. Maybe we just have the same type of men that coincidently she has access to and I don’t. Hey, maybe Maria and I should like hang out. Go out on the town and prowl for men. That would work out in my favor every time… Right? I mean who goes for the tall, rich blonde anyway? Exactly, NEVER happens.

So much drama, and to think its only January. Now I really can’t wait for the Australian to start!