Well Now I’m Going To Be Sick

Serena was kind enough to tweet a little picture of her injured ankle.

Oh Serena, you shouldn’t have. Like serious, thats nasty cut it out. It looks like a baseball is in there. Now I know I’ve seen my fair share of athletic injuries, but this just isn’t pretty.

Since I don’t have eye bleach, here is a little tweet from Amer Delic which is pretty funny… and accurate. 

Thank you for that Amer. I might be able to sleep tonight now.


Well last night was crazy

Well, why things have been all fine and dandy with the men’s seeds, the women are telling quite a different story.

Serena, who was looking very strong throughout the past week and half, took quite a fall from grace last night. In a tough three setter, Serena was taken out by 19 year old Sloane Stephens 3-6, 7-5, 6-4.

Up next for Sloane, is Victoria Azarenka the number seed and last years winner. This will be a real test for Sloane. Will she be able to pull off another big win? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Obviously, Serena was not happy about this. So upset about this that she blessed up with this gem.

Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

Just When I Was About To…

Forget that Rafael Nadal existed, I stumbled upon this little treasure in Inside Tennis.

What the heck is this? So much photoshop. Horrible, horrible photoshop. The random racquet/nunchuk combo. The little ribbon of light that supposed to represent the spin. His goofy face. Babolat, you a much better than this. You don’t need ads like this. People ask for the AeroPro Drive (or the “Nadal Racquet”) everyday without seeing this. Please stop this.


Player Party Round 2

So at this other party things were a little different. Instead of a random Chinese dragon theme, there was a native Australian animal theme. All the big names were impressed. Too bad I wasn’t impressed with what they were wearing.

So first we have Tsonga. I actually think he looks nice. He tried to put his colors together, nice khaki pants. Trust me… this is a good look.

See, thats how you are supposed to look. Not like the rest of these…  Continue reading

It’s What’s Goes On Off Court That Counts

That’s how that phrase goes, right? I’m sure.

Well, Round 1 has been wrapped up, and there really hasn’t been any real surprises. Federer beat lazy Paire, Tsonga beat Llodra on a surface that suits him, and Novak dominated and aging Mathieu. Yes, some people are upset about Hewitt losing, but he’s old and played the 8 seed so what do you want. Yes, Dimitrov should have done better considering how well he’s been playing all 3 weeks of this year. Really though, it’s been pretty quiet on the men’s side.

The women were much of the same. 7th seed Sara Errani went out 4-6, 4-6 to the Spanish Carla Suarez Navarro. Other than that, nothing shocking has really happened. Serena rolled her ankle, but managed to pull off a double bagel. Some people are watching 17-year-old Madison Keys. I predict like the usual youngins she’ll be out in a round or two. Blah blah.

Whatever. On to the good stuff…

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It’s The Men’s Turn

So, yesterday I highlighted what some of the ladies were wearing next week. I wanted to do the men too, but the women took too long. So I had to separate it. Oh Well, here are the men.

We’re starting with Roger Federer.

Roger’s full gear

What a surprise… It’s boring. Grey on grey on grey on grey on a touch of baby pink. Awesome. Next.

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Something To Ease My Mind

Well, after yesterday’s post, I needed something to calm my turbulent emotions. So naturally, I started looking at clothes. More importantly, I started looking at what everyone is wearing for the Aussie Open.

Yellow seems to be the color of the season, with the top ladies matching the Aussie heat with the Sunny color.

Ana Ivanovic starts us off with this yellow and grey number that I quite like.

The rest is under the cut

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