What the what is this WTA!

Ok. So I had no idea who this was at first so I was just all around super confused. After I clicked the picture and it revealed that this was Allen Iverson, I wasn’t sure if this information cleared everything up, or just confused me more. I mean I guess the later, because I had a whole new crop of questions. Why is Allen Iverson at the China Open? Why is he in China in general? Does he know who these two women are? Does he even like tennis? What is happening?

Then apparently, someone wears these.

Like I’m all about a little flash, and a little neon, but this is a no. The neon, the purple, the sorta high top action, the hearts. No thanks. There is a reason they don’t put a face with these shoes. Which is still not the worst thing ever because…

…Then Vika did this.

I don’t mind the dance crew poses. I mind the #swag business. You’re name isn’t Justin Bieber. You are not 16 years old. You play tennis. You don’t know what swag is. Let’s be real.


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