Let’s Play A Little Game

So this past week I was at the Farmers Classic, and there seemed to be a running theme. I had no freaking idea who anyone was. This was a shock to me considering I always know the no namers. So we are going to play a little game of guess who.

Let’s start off with this year’s finalist.

Any guesses?? Well you’re probably wrong anyway. This is Ricardis Berankis. This infantile looking 22 year old hails from Lithuania. According the Wikipedia (the only credible source in my mind), he has won a couple of challenger events, is ranked 103, won the US Open Juniors, and well that’s about it. So I guess we can call this the summer of Berankis, since this is the summer he has actually done… well anything.

Next up…. this guy! 

Still have nothing? It’s ok I didn’t either. His name is Ruben Bemelmans. His Wikipedia page offers little to nothing except for the fact that he’s 24, from Belgium, and also has done nothing outside the challengers and futures. From my expertise this week I have noticed that his childhood dream is to be Xavier Malisse. When Asked to play doubles with him he probably passed out, peed himself, or all of the above. What he has yet to learn is that the little bun on your head is not a good look, and should be kept to Malisse himself, or to nobody. That also would work.

Last, and certainly not least, we have the number 1 seed.

WHAT? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS IS? I would normally berate you until you cried in a corner, but I’m going to let this one slide. Why? you ask. Well, because I simply had no idea who this was either. No one I have spoken too has heard of him either.  I saw him practicing before the tournament and read his name on his bag and still couldn’t make any connections. Personally, I don’t even care, because this man is Benoit Paire, and he is HOT. He’s 23, French, ranked 47, and hasn’t done crap. That’s fine, because look at him. He could be ranked 10567 with those looks and it would be ok.

So there you have it, the top three notable men of this years Farmers Classic. A group of nobodies. You wanna know how I know they are nobodies? Well you will just have to wait til the next post.


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