No thanks!

So turns out Maria is trying her luck at something new. What would that be you ask?!?!?!

It’s candy. She started a line of candy.

Yep. It’s called Sugarpova. Cuuuttteeeeeeeeeeee. No, actually its not. Actually, it’s pretty stupid if you ask me. I know what you are thinking “WHAT? How could you not enjoy tennis ball shaped candies named Sporty?” or “How do you not see the creative genius behind this?” My only answer to this is..

Well if you ever so happen to be inspired to see what Sugarpova is all about then feel free to throw your $5.99 this way. As an added bonus, it also comes with a handful of judgement. Enjoy!


I wouldn’t want to Mirka Right Now

Things were going just dandy in Cincy. Things were going according to schedule, everyone was having a good time. Then Roger opened his mouth, and this happened.

Must be fun times at the Federer residence right now. I know this was a couple days ago, but I’m going to put my money on he is still sleeping on the couch. It’s probably in some New York penthouse 4 bajillion dollar a week rental pure down feather, 18 karat gold couch, but the symbolism is present.

I’m all over the place

There is so much to write about, and I have no idea where to start and what to do. Like I said last post, I was going to show you how dumb some of those no names were. Then this happened..

 … and I pretty much forgot my own name. These are Andy Murray’s dogs… wearing his medals. Not only are they the cutest dogs ever on their own, but they are wearing olympic medals! O.M.G.

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Let’s Play A Little Game

So this past week I was at the Farmers Classic, and there seemed to be a running theme. I had no freaking idea who anyone was. This was a shock to me considering I always know the no namers. So we are going to play a little game of guess who.

Let’s start off with this year’s finalist.

Any guesses?? Well you’re probably wrong anyway. This is Ricardis Berankis. This infantile looking 22 year old hails from Lithuania. According the Wikipedia (the only credible source in my mind), he has won a couple of challenger events, is ranked 103, won the US Open Juniors, and well that’s about it. So I guess we can call this the summer of Berankis, since this is the summer he has actually done… well anything.

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