Take my eyes, but not the shirt…

… Actually take the shirt as well. Why yes, that was me incorporating Forgetting Sarah Marshall into this. Jason, Mila, and Russell can’t save this mess though.

Fila, what are you doing? More importantly, what has Vera ever done to you? Don’t you want the woman you sponsor to win? Is your tactic blinding her opponents? Some many questions, so little answers. Let’s just look at the damage.

That is an atrocity to tennis, and fashion while we are at it. Oh, don’t forget her good side..

Oh wait, you don’t feel like like being little Miss Sassy-Pants today Vera. You want to show off your classy side? Well don’t worry, because I have an equally ugly outfit for that too.

Good. Fila has got your back… and then is laughing at you behind it.


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