Take my eyes, but not the shirt…

… Actually take the shirt as well. Why yes, that was me incorporating Forgetting Sarah Marshall into this. Jason, Mila, and Russell can’t save this mess though.

Fila, what are you doing? More importantly, what has Vera ever done to you? Don’t you want the woman you sponsor to win? Is your tactic blinding her opponents? Some many questions, so little answers. Let’s just look at the damage.

That is an atrocity to tennis, and fashion while we are at it. Oh, don’t forget her good side..

Oh wait, you don’t feel like like being little Miss Sassy-Pants today Vera. You want to show off your classy side? Well don’t worry, because I have an equally ugly outfit for that too.

Good. Fila has got your back… and then is laughing at you behind it.


Everybody Start Your Christmas Lists Early

Now on ITunes… Something EVERYBODY has been asking for. Serena Williams has put out a workout mix!!!! This is good news, because I obviously haven’t been the only one that has been losing sleep over the fact that I didn’t know what Serena had been working out to.


Let’s keep in mind that this is Volume 2! That means there was already a Serena workout mix, and it was a hit! She must really know her stuff!

You can preview and buy it HERE. All I can say is keep making that money, Serena, keep making that money! I’ll be working out… or not.

Just an ordinary day

What must life be life for a tennis player? According to twitter, they live normal lives just like the rest of us


See. Just an average guy living an average life. A life where the only thing you can tweet about on a Saturday is seeing a commercial for that retarded movie about Johnny Depp being a vampire in the 70s. *Spoiler Alert* It’s directed by Tim Burton, and it also has Helena Bonham Carter in it. What a Saturday!

But I guess we should talk about someone ranked a little higher Continue reading

I need this now

Here is Azarenka’s new look for the French Open this year. I love. I want to wear this NOW. Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that I will NOT look like that at all, but I’ll take that risk. I’ll just be happy with the fact that I can tell people I’m Victoria, and well that will be true.

It must be nice to be a top player, and get you’re own signature outfit. You don’t have that awkward moment of showing up in the same thing as your opponent.


Oh, that’s what Ana gets.

It must be nice to be a top ranked player sponsored by Nike.