Nike is finally getting it right!!

Thank you, Nike! You have finally put the two hottest athletes on the planet together in one video.

This video also perfectly showcases the two of them.

Of course, with a quick change of shoes you get to see a bit of Rafael Nadal’s football past. Which he excels at. I really need to get me some Mercurial Vapor IIIs so I too will be great at EVERYTHING!!! That’s what the message guarantees right? Or if I buy them (which they probably cost as much as my car) I get to hang out with them? Either way, I’ll take them


Ok there is something I need to address

So as I was getting my Wendy Williams fix this morning. I learned that SERENA is/did/might be dating GRIGOR! Ummm what?!

They were seen hanging out together by the Eiffel Tower, and “enjoying each others company” all over Paris I guess.

From the looks of this ..

From Bossip

I don’t really get a true romantic vibe(lets keep it that way Grigor), but you never know.

If they are together good for them I guess. This is awful for me, because obvious I think that I am the one that should be with Grigor. We all have dreams. People break up. Blah, blah, blah