It’s been forever… I know!

And it feels so good to be back!I love this blog. It lets me be sarcastic, and say whatever I feel about the tennis world. It gives me life.

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have many changes the last month and a half, including a new job, and place of residence!(If anyone cares.. or reads this for that matter).

Anyway, what a better way to start a new year and a new post with a 2Girls1Racquet recap of the 1st 5, I guess now 6 days as I write this, days of the Aus Open aka my dream slam to visit!

So far, so good on both sides. Nothing really drastic draw wise. Blah, Blah on to the good stuff. Like I said, this is a 2Girls1Racquet version so I only care about what people look like.

Let’s start with the AusOpen player party. More importantly, let us start with handing another blow to Nalbandian’s ego at the player party.

Ugh! That stupid expression, that stupid shirt, and Cleopatra?! I don’t know, and personally I don’t want to know.

There is alot more to talk about so come on in…

Tsonga debuted a new look. Its called hair. I mean he is a cute guy no matter what, but I think I prefer the shorter.

Serena is still a BEAST, bears crap in the woods.


Marcos has shown some excellent anger management, and Wawrinka proves once again that tennis players are AWKWARD.

Seriously, Marcos, this isn’t necessary. You don’t to act this way. Sometimes things don’t go your way. It happens. At least you got a set. Let’s learn to look at the positives. I mean it’s the beginning of the year. There is still lots of time to do things like… practice… get fit. Those are just a couple of options though. Don’t worry though that 800 bucks he got fined is really going to teach him a lesson. 800!!! Thats nothing! That is a portion of what he made for just showing up to the joint!

Now see Marcos, you have to have something to get mad at.. Like David Nalbandian for example. He has a lot to be mad about. To make a long story short the umpire (wrongly) overruled a call, and then denied the challenge. Yes, David took a few seconds to decide, but he was just checking the mark. It was 8-8 advantage Nalbandian in the 5th set. COME ON! Let the man challenge a dang call. You watch this and tell me what you think

I’m sorry, but in my opinion, thats messed up. On a point that crucial to the match, he should have been allowed to challenge.

Let’s wrap this up on a good note though. With a poll!!!

Who do you think had the better freak out



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