A little bit of everything

Ryan Sweeting looks awful!

Getty Images

Newly engaged James Blake hosted a charity in New York City recently. His good old pal Ryan Sweeting came along to show his support. Ummm when was this picture taken, at 1 am. Ryan looks tired, and/or drunk. I like Ryan too. I think he’s a good looking guy, but not that night. Whatever happened here, Mr. Sweeting, fix it… fast!


There is a new Russian #1 in the house! That’s right, Alex Bogomolov Jr. went from U.S. #4 to Russian #1. Heck I would switch too if that means I could say I was number one. Not like the Russian, or American for that matter, competition is at its best, but hey why not. I mean He is Russian, and his father still lives there. Being number one means he could probably get a lot more from their federation.

Thanks MTV! Thank you for this next piece of breaking news…

Well if there weren’t enough reasons to watch “The Expendables 2”, Thank Jesus I’ve found another one. Yep, thats right, Novak Djokovic was just given a cameo. Forget Stallone, and Statham. When I think action/buff/hero/kickass, I definitely think of Novak Djokovic. Yeahhhh

Daily Mail

Looks good. Looks like exactly what I want to spend 15 bucks on. I think I’ll wait actually. I’ll wait until its on Showtime. Then I will record it and fast forward to the 1 min he will be on screen. Actually I will probably just wait until that 1 min is in its on video on Youtube. That sounds like a good idea.

Lastly, a few people on twitter seem to be confused

Really Ivo, Rosa Parks is your hero. Like of all the people that you can relate you, Rosa Parks. I mean thats cool and all, but it doesn’t make sense. Whatever, I’m not going to try to dive into that head of yours. We’ll just leave it as it’s complicated. I’m going to say the same to you Mr. Schubert. I’m pretty sure Jesus, and Caro are on two different levels, but alright. Steve, you are just mad, mad at the world. You are the Kanye West to Serena’s Beyonce right now. I mean thanks for standing up for her, but you really don’t have too. Like seriously, she’ll be alright without the twitter hashtags.

Oh world of tennis, you never seem to let me down.


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