He looks real excited…

Rafael Nadal won the ATP’s Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award. He seemed thrilled. Best win of his life. We can see why he didn’t win the spirit award they are handing out tomorrow.

Getty Images via The Slice

Really? This is the best you could give us. This face says “Grrreeeattt, another award. Now I have to find room for this somewhere. Where do they expect me to put all these trophies and awards. Gosh, my life is so complicated. No one, but Roger understands me. Thanks, I guess.” Ahhhhh #RafaProblems


I want to go to the Stockholm Open

Just based on this commercial for it alone, someone buy me a plane ticket to Sweden.

Man, those Swedes are so creative! You could honestly tell who everyone was supposed to be even if they didn’t put the names. The Little McEnroe temper, the Little Novak ball bounce, the Little Fed tweener (that the poor kid couldn’t do), all too perfect!

Bravo, Stockholm Open, Bravo!

This needs to be a new tradition

Roger Federer finally won a tournament! After beating Kei Nishikori in the finals of the Swiss Indoors, Roger had a different kind of celebration. He threw a pizza party for all the ballkids. Now as a former ballkid myself, I totally love this. The kids, and their supervisors work really hard every year. I think it’s great to throw them a bone every once in a while.

Getty Images

Yes some of the kids look a little more interested in the pizza, but hey have you ever been a ballkid. It’s tiring, and definitely build up an appetite.  I would have totally loved this when I was younger. You get to hang out with a champion, and you get to eat… For free. Those are two of my favorite things. So I would like to give a big thumbs up to Roger. I hope that more players continue this… for the kids… and their supervisors.