I think everyone needs some rest

At least that’s what it seems like on twitter. It looks like everyone needs to calm down, go to bed, I dunno do something.

ATP pro Amer Delic has regressed back to simpler times

This reminds me of that one episode of Misfits where the guy was like living in a video game. Oh no one here gets what I’m talking about.. ”that’s cool. You are all missing out. Anyway, here you go Amer ForeverGeek.com’s Guide To The Cube . Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Serena has a very different Twitter dilemma.

You know what.. Thank you Serena. It’s about time someone has taken the time to speak out about how sensitive a dog’s weight can be. Dogs have feelings too I get it. It all of it except for the face that you aren’t even playing right now. You need to get back on the court actually.

Haha cool story bro! No actually I don’t really care what Mardy is saying. I actually am a little freaked out by Mr. Bennett 2 comments down. Nick, you aren’t cool, and I’m pretty sure Mardy isn’t interested. He’s a married man. Married to a woman to clear things up even further for you.

Oh Twitter, I love you. You bring the crazy out in people!


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