Man, I love player parties

I really do. I know I have never even been close to going to one, but I just love seeing how they look in street clothes. They mostly never get it right, and I like to judge them.

Well, with the 2011 Kremlin Cup kicking off, there has been yet another player party. This one has to be, by far, the greatest player party in a long time. Why? You ask. Well look who came out to play..

Dmitry was there! Looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I mean I guess I wish he wasn’t wearing a hoodie, but it could be A LOT worse. I mean these are tennis players we are talking about.

Like this for example…

I mean, I totally understand this is a huge leap for Kuznetsova, but this isn’t award-winning or anything. She looks like she has an appointment in Gotham City after this. You know, just in case she sees the signal in the sky.

But whatever back to the good, and the AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT

Igor was looking very handsome, and proving that player parties are for the whole family.

That baby is precious, nice color scheme on the outfit, blah blah….


My prayers have been answered. Marat is back in my life. He looks so hot (not like he could ever look bad). The Kremlin Cup is my new best thing!


2 thoughts on “Man, I love player parties

  1. Nichelle says:

    I like that one of the tags is “MARAT F-ING SAFIN”
    hahaha! good one 🙂

  2. What can I say I get passionate when it comes to marat

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