Even the corniness of the Bryan Bros ain’t gon’ to stop me

I personally think the Bryan Brothers are two of the corniest people on the planet. I get it they are just some twins that are all about good wholesome fun, but what is this

I tend to cringe with second-hand embarrassment with everything they do. That’s why I had to really think about clicking play on this video Bob tweeted about 40 minutes ago, but there was mention of Max Myrni so I had to do it.

As you guys may or may not the know, the Bryan Brothers like to play music. They have a band named The Bryan Bros Band (yeah, I don’t get it either). Now they love to take this band, and perform at various charity events (mainly their own), and tournaments. Basically, they play wherever they are asked to do so. They also love to get their co-workers involved in their gigs. I’m sure you’ve all seen Andy Roddick bust a song out with them. If you haven’t Google it, because I’ve seen it too many times already.

I guess this week at crazy, party town Shanghai they put on a special performance in the locker room. They even got good old Belarussian Beast Max Myrni to join in on the fun.

This is cute. I love Max though, because he has always been such a nice guy. So I think the way he gets into the song, and his air guitar solo is just freaking adorable. I approve of this video.



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