Just a whole bunch of things

I know Shanghai is far from over, but the men have been quite busy. It’s like party after event after party over there.

First off, they gave Andy Murray his own Terracotta Warrior statue thing.

Yeahhhh, I guess that looks like him. It’s the thought that counts… Right?

Then Gilles Simon and Tommy Robredo did a little sightseeing. They also got to take part  in the culture as well. Gilles and Tommy were able to brush up on their calligraphy skills

Not too bad guys, but I still think you should stick with tennis. I’m pretty sure it’s a far more lucrative career than professional calligraphy-ist.

Thennnnnn, Rafael Nadal was spotted at the Shanghai players party along with a few others like Tsonga, and Llodra.

Tsonga, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that jacket somewhere. Yep, I have, a couple posts down. You can’t be wearing the same things to different parties (Well at least if the same people are going to be at these parties. Everyone knows that!).

That wasn’t Nadal’s last stop. Oh no, he is one very popular guy in China.

Rafa attended a Richard Mille event. He signed autographs for some children (who seemed not impressed AT ALL), and raffle off some Rafa memorabilia. You think Nadal would be done there. Oh no, he was just getting into it. This super classy guy also hosted a Bacardi event at the Hilton Shanghai.

He made some drinks, drank some drinks, and had an all around good time at the sponsored event. It’s only Tuesday, people. I’m sure there are many more events, and photo ops to be had in the next few days. I’m sure Mr. Djokovic is upset he pulled out of Shanghai and is missing all the fun. I mean what could he be possibly doing that’s better than all of this?

Oh. He’s hanging out on the beaches of Monaco with his beautiful girlfriend, and puppy. Who does that? I’m sure he is having the worst time ever.

(Photos from Getty Images, MensTennisForum.com and ATP World Tour)


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