What the what?

I know I don’t get a lot of things that the Chinese do, or are into. I do know that this picture from the daily happenings of the China Open is hilarious.

Getty Images

The WTA’s Sofia Arvidsson posed for pictures at the Jetstar booth. There are so many questions to this picture. I know Jetstar is a budget asian Qantas Airline. This explains the silver, maybe plush or plastic…. thing. I don’t get the… I guess I call her.. the pilot’s outfit. Actually she is dressed like the guys that load the luggage on the plane. Sofia looks like she forgot they were taking pictures at the sponsered event, and we should all be happy she woke up on time to show up. She looks like she is wearing some makeshift Target pyjamas.

That’s not even the worst part, because then there is little Chinese Castro in the corner. He really creeps me out. The full military suit, and that look he is giving. There are A LOT of kids in China. Why did they have to pick that little creep?

I feel like he going to read this and come after me…. soooo I’m just going to leave this post now.


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