To be completely honest..

I’m not surprised at all. In a recent interview with Marat Safin (who is still interviewing him I have no idea, but I’m not upset), he announced that his dear sister, Dinara, is retiring it. Yahoo Sports reported that the 25-year-old Safina has finally had enough. Dinara, who is a former number 1 player, has been dealing with a chronic back injury. She has said earlier that she didn’t want to “torture myself and my body any longer.” I wish Safina the best, and hopes she is able to figure out something else to do.

Of course, her twitter is 90% in Russian, so I can’t tell you what she is saying right now. I’m sure it is along the lines of “yes this is true”, “thanks for the support”, blah blah. I am a fan of the rumor mill so let’s start one!

While doing a quick Bing search for “Dinara”, some very interesting results came up

photo made possible by FN+PRT SC and Paint

Yep, I’m going with that. It makes so much sense. The back pain, and her mood swings. She is obviously preggo. Straight facts. Thanks Bing, you never let me down.


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