Coming back with a bang!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. I know it’s been only a week, but I just haven’t found that certain something that I needed to share my thoughts about. Luckily, that changed about 15 min ago when I found these beauties….


image from

Fernando Verdasco took to the cover of this month’s Fuera De Serie is rocking one really tight look. I don’t mean tight as in “hella cool” or “wicked”. I mean tight as in I feel those clothes are going to pop off Hulk status in about 3.5 seconds. Unfortunately, for Verdasco’s vital organs this happens to be the theme of the photo shoot…

This one, plus a couple other ones over at makes me very uncomfortable

I’m usually all about a good-looking, Spanish man in nice clothes, but this makes me feel like I can’t breathe. The clothes plus the stupid look no his face I just can’t handle.

Now this is a look I can handle. The relaxed fit jean, the loose leather jacket, Tsonga in a blazer, Radwanska looking like a boss, and the fact that I’m going to ignore Petko’s shoes all works for me. These are looks I can handle. These are looks I want tennis players to wear more often. Fernando, no more clothes that look like having a child is no longer an option for you. Let’s just keep it simple for right now at least.


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