A couple of classic Ballkid Fails..

The first one is from the French Open. As a former ballgirl, I feel sooo bad for this kid.

That kid made a BIG, no, GIGANTIC mistake out there. Running for ball still in play, and disrupting the match, especially when Viktor Troicki is going to absolutely smash the ball just makes no sense. If I was Viktor, I would probably want to use him as the ball to replay to the point. The poor kid’s face though. It is going through so many emotions. I know little Gaston feels extremely bad, and is very sorry, but I’m sorry kid. You messed up at the French Open, the fourth most important tournament of the year (I like the Aus Open better). I have a good feeling that was the last of little Gaston that tournament has ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the last of Gaston anyone ever saw.

This one took place in Monte Carlo. I don’t know what these kids are doing over.

I’m not even going to address the dumb kid with the towel. I’m talking about the kid in the corner, ever so slightly off court. Yep, that one, TALKING ON HIS PHONE. He is obviously talking to his mom or his girlfriend, because at around :09 he tries to do an under the radar wave at the camera! Bold move, my friend, bold move! I hope those idiots enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, because that would be the end of their ballboy careers.


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