There is a God…

… And this God is GREAT. WHY? Because he brought me this….

Move over Nadal, and Armani. Helllooooooo Janko Tipsarevic!!! Janko did a whole spread for this underwear company called Extreme Intimo. I knew Janko had something going on, but now I finally have proof. You can see the rest of these photos right HERE. You can decide for yourself though who did it better, and why not just post pictures of Rafael Nadal in his underwear….


Not bad… Actually lets poll this.

But for the ladies… Umm Hey there Laura Robson! You look stunning!

Not only would I kill to get a coat like this, but you can barely see her sock tan line! For those who have played tennis before, you know that is a difficult challenge, and she rocked it! This is the look she owned at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. Well done, Laura, well done! This makes me want to hang out with you! That and the fact that your twitter is hilarious and cute! Seriously, it is, Read it!


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