Today’s program was brought to you by…


Sam Stosur kicked ass today to put it lightly. I know that Serena probably didn’t go to bed the night before until late blah blah, but hey if you want it, you go out there and get it no matter what. Sam was playing like no other. I mean heck, she was the underdog with nothing to lose so she just went for it, and it worked in her favor.

I really like Sam though. I always have. I think she has always seemed really down to earth, and she is just a freaking beast! She obviously puts a lot of time into her game, and fitness. So I’m happy for her! I also want her arms!

As for this…

I’m a little disappointed. I’m disappointed that Serena didn’t make any threats, or a real scene. I’m disappointed she just didn’t take her anger out on the ball and stayed classy. As for the call. I don’t know. Yes, she said something before Sam touched it, but it wasn’t like she was going to get to it in the first place.

Whatever. It made the match interesting. It’s not like whatever fine they give her is going to put her out on the streets. Maybe one day she will learn to be more like her classy, flawless sister Venus.

Congrats Sam! You rocked it out there, and you totally deserve this slam! Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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