In WTF US Open? News

So while making my other blog post, and painting my nails I happened to look up to check what was going on with these matches (World’s greatest multi-tasker I know! Hire me!).  I came across something very, very… well… different. CBS was giving viewers a summary of what has gone on in the day, but something was a little off. One of their facts didn’t really match up with the rest. Let’s see if you can figure it out from my hi-res, super technologically advanced screencap I took.


Oh yeah that Martina was quite sometWAIT! WTF? NADAL DISLIKES? OMG thanks CBS now I can sleep tonight! I also know to never bring a dog, a ham & cheese sandwich, or a wet shirt to the next tournament I attend! So much useful information!

This is besides the fact that I am totally side-eyeing the crap out of Nadal right now! You don’t like dogs! Or better you don’t like HAM? What kind of human are you? Aren’t you from Spain also? They love ham (well I know they eat a lot of suckling pigs)… AND cheese over there! I mean wet shirts I can maybe see. That’s a big depending on the situation at hand, but DOGS, and a ham & cheese combo…



2 thoughts on “In WTF US Open? News

  1. OMG, I’m laughing so hard, you wouldn’t believe it. I read his book, so I knew the facts, but WHAT were CBS thinking? LOL, just one big LOL.

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