I would not want to be Brian Earley today…

So day 2 of these rain delays are causing quite a stir. What the hell was going on today USTA? I mean everyone was confused today. Let’s start with the little things. Gilles Muller was out on court a good 10 minutes before Rafael Nadal. Andy Murray was out at least 4-5 minutes before Donald Young. It happened, because there was no warning time whatsoever. It was “Oh it looks like you are going on… NOW!”. As Nadal explains in this video, he needed time to tape his fingers and such up. You can’t tape hours in advance and then wait around. Having studied athletic training I know this is a fact. Tape gives out rather quickly so if you waited around with it on, it will have NO benefit whatsoever when you are playing on it.

This in itself is super annoying to have to deal with. I get anxious when I have to wait for my friends at like a restaurant, so I could only imagine have to wait for an opponent… in the rain.

Secondly, why the rush USTA (and I say USTA, because the as we know the slams aren’t run by the ATP)? I understand that things need to get going, but you need to wait for the courts to dry, and you knew that another part of the storm was coming in about 10 min. As soon as the players looked at the court they knew it wasn’t playable and were trying to argue with the umpires. If it is arguable it is most likely not playable.

Basically at the end of the day that’s messed up. Isn’t it just a little ironic how they need to hurry up and get these matches done when their policy is they only need 90 minutes of play or a match to be completed (which can be waaayyy less than 90 min) in order to NOT give ticket holders their money back. I don’t blame Nadal, Roddick, and Murray who went to tourney ref Brian Earley and ripped him a new one. I probably would too. I get that tv is waiting, people who payed money and are going to spend money are waiting, but the courts and balls were still wet. What if someone slipped and hurt themselves badly. That would cost them more money than all the ticket holders have spent combined!

I think these guy said it best leadership wise. There needs to be some sort of player union. I’m going to go along with all the other players at this point and vote John McEnroe for President of that commitee.

Heck maybe Donald Young was on to something when he told the USTA to F off not too long ago. I mean he probably wasn’t, but it just seems right now I would understand if he went on a rant.


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