Look at your life, Look at your choices

What are you doing with yourself Rafael. I mean I feel bad for him. He looks like he is in A LOT of pain. What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t drink any of that water right next time. You muscles are saying they are tired and dehydrated. DRINK SOME WATER. I also don’t get how someone can go through that painful of a leg cramp where you are calling the trainer and can sit in a chair, then get up 5 minutes later and brush it off. You need to get that checked out sir. You are 25 years old! Get your shit together!

Look, I know players get cramps. I know they are no fun. If they are that bad though you need medical attention. You can’t be that worn out and dehydrated, and go “Don’t worry I’ll be cool by my next match” (My interpretation of course). The last time I saw cramps that bad it cost Kenny and Wes the finals on Rivals.

Maybe it is no big and it happens all the time. I’m just saying its not right. It’s not right to be in THAT much pain and then be like NBD. I just hope he’s being smart right now and like sleeping, taking an icebath, drinking some Gatorade, or eating a banana. SOMETHING beneficial. This is the US Open, the last slam of the year. This week is not going to get any easier. This goes for everyone that is still in this tournament.


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