The two things that I took from the US Open today

It’s time for the last grand slam of the year. Things were off to a slow start with that  Hurricane Irene hanging around trying to start shit. Some players definitely got a little crazy, and some a little lazy. So I was very excited to see everyone finally let out of their cages and ready to go. So far things have been pretty standard. No real shockers except for Wimbledon champ Kvitova going down on the women’s side. There haven’t been any epic 57 hour matches with 32 tiebreaks. It’s only 78 degrees even. Uneventful day.

 That’s why I can easily say there were only 2 things that have held my attention today. The first would be this commercial for the Wilson Blade BLX.

Oh Serena, that was so kind of you to help that guy out. I seen you have learned alot from your own anger management. I do appreciate that Serena is able to laugh at herself and her Compton temper.

The second item of business that gave me a little chuckle was a tweet from Feliciano Lopez.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that its Feliciano, or that he wrote “OMG”, but I laughed a little bit. Probably because it was an actual Feliciano Lopez “OMG Fact”

That was about all I can remember from today. It’s only the first day. Things are surely going to pick up soon. Venus is playing tonight and I need to see what she is wearing. Honestly, it could be worse. It could be last night’s VMAs where all I keep talking about is Kanye’s denim shirt.


All I want is that denim shirt.


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