Would You Rather

Yes, it is finally time for our Dmitry Tursunov interview part 2. Unfortunately the last question and a half get cut off. I asked him “Who would you rather: Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?” Like any smart human being he chose Katy Perry. My next and final question was I would say the most important question of the entire day. Like this answer was going to be very crucial to my life. The last question was “Who would you rather: Katy Perry… or (drumroll please……) Me?”

Yep. I just actually asked that. It’s what popped into me head (OMG this wasn’t totally scripted and rehearsed, who would have guessed?!) so I asked it. Dmitry’s answer Me, because he has never met Katy, and knows me and well I seem pretty cool and nice. You know what. I’m took it. I took it and ran with it. Afterwards, we treated him and his doubles partner, our ballgirl/ex-ballgirl group new love Grigor Dmitrov, to cupcakes made by our favorite Katie Burns. Then Dmitry called me out on my twitter bio (@fierceb). Yes, when I signed up for twitter I didn’t have anything witty or clever to put there at the time and needed something fast, but hey I am 24 and I do like men.

Yes, this really happened. You can ask Dmitry Tursunov himself. He was a pretty hilarious twitter which you can follow @TursunovTales.

We would like to thank Dmitry from the bottom of our little hearts for doing this interview. Seriously, we really appreciate it. Good luck to you and your doubles partner Grigor at the US Open next week! You know that you have us rooting for you here in LA!


3 thoughts on “Would You Rather

  1. This made me chuckle for an extended time.

  2. Rob says:

    Great interview. Dmitry is way funny.

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