Like A Modern Day Little Mermaid

You’ve all seen the movie. A little mermaid named Ariel dreams of being human and walking around on land. She meets Ursula, a witch who says she will give Ariel legs for 3 days if Ariel in returns gives Ursula her voice. Like an idiot, Ariel agrees. Blah, blah, blah..

Mr. Rafael Nadal’s story is quite similar to this in my opinion. I don’t know what kind of witch he met as a child, or what kind of VooDoo magic Uncle Tony is into, but there was some sort of trade. Someone promised Nadal a couple of grand slam wins, or a number 1 ranking for one tiny little thing. That thing would Rafael Nadal’s common, basic life knowledge. This is my investigative reasoning:

So as my Cincy viewing yesterday was interrupted by my father’s love of court shows, I was luckily given the necessary details from my dear friend Geraghty. I received a text stating “What did Nadal do to his fingers?” Having absolutely no idea I looked it up. Thankful Yahoo News had the scoop.

The kid burnt them…. on a hot plate at a restaurant. Rafa, that’s why they tell you “Hot Plate.. Don’t Touch… Be Careful”. They just took that plate out of a microwave, or an oven broiler. DON’T TOUCH IT. He has even reported to have blisters on his fingers. What did you do? Grab and hold onto the plate for 10 min? It only takes two seconds to notice a plate is THAT hot.

What do you expect though. This is the same guy that brought you such classic moments as

Sitting and choking on a banana

And of course, getting stung by a bee… on an indoor court… in February.

Where are his parents. His whole family have been so into the tennis training they forgot to teach him how to chew food properly, and not touch hot things. Did he not go to kindergarten? I mean I guess it’s good that Rafa doesn’t have any real serious injuries (fingers crossed for those knees), and he is still able to play pretty well (despite being down 1-4 to Mardy Fish at the moment), but it looks like he doesn’t have any common sense as well. 

Yep, just like The Little Mermaid.


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