Two girls, sittin’ in the hot sun…


Welcome to our blog! Yep, thats right, we actually came through on this! For those that don’t know us, we have been working at the now called Farmers Classic for about half of our lives. We also are quite the tennis enthusiasts.

Throughout the years, we have spent a lot of time drooling over tennis players at tournaments. This year at the Farmers Classic, we decided to put our free time, creativity, and pretty open access to the pros to good use.

So here we are, two girls sitting in the hot sun at the beginning of a pro men’s tournament wondering how we were going to entertain ourselves for the week. We knew there were going to be plenty of great matches to watch, but sometimes you need to switch it up a bit. What would be a better way to pass the time than to try and ask players some very insightful questions. Unfortunately for them, our take on insightful is knowing how often laundry is done on tour or what’s your day job *cough* chronic qualifiers *cough* Zach Fleishman *cough*. We hope that this blog can inform you on what really happens behind the scenes. Enjoy and be entertained!


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