I finally got something!

Yes I finally got my US Open kickoff moment. I was getting nervous, because even Venus’ outfit was underwhelming (really a black dress). Then it happened. I landed upon this little gem. This would be the awkwardness between Grigor Dimitrov and Gael Monfils during their end of match handshake.

WHAT WAS THAT?! I mean I know they are european. Anyone that knows me knows I’m down with european, but this was… different. I love you to death Grigor Dimitrov, but sometimes I don’t understand you. The little kiss on the nose was cute I guess. You know what I’m into it. I think from now on they should always end with the loser trying to pull moves on the winner. A new US Open tradition of sorts. A sign that even though they lost it’s going to be ok. I’m going to start a petition or something.


The two things that I took from the US Open today

It’s time for the last grand slam of the year. Things were off to a slow start with that  Hurricane Irene hanging around trying to start shit. Some players definitely got a little crazy, and some a little lazy. So I was very excited to see everyone finally let out of their cages and ready to go. So far things have been pretty standard. No real shockers except for Wimbledon champ Kvitova going down on the women’s side. There haven’t been any epic 57 hour matches with 32 tiebreaks. It’s only 78 degrees even. Uneventful day.

 That’s why I can easily say there were only 2 things that have held my attention today. The first would be this commercial for the Wilson Blade BLX.

Oh Serena, that was so kind of you to help that guy out. I seen you have learned alot from your own anger management. I do appreciate that Serena is able to laugh at herself and her Compton temper.

The second item of business that gave me a little chuckle was a tweet from Feliciano Lopez.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that its Feliciano, or that he wrote “OMG”, but I laughed a little bit. Probably because it was an actual Feliciano Lopez “OMG Fact”

That was about all I can remember from today. It’s only the first day. Things are surely going to pick up soon. Venus is playing tonight and I need to see what she is wearing. Honestly, it could be worse. It could be last night’s VMAs where all I keep talking about is Kanye’s denim shirt.


All I want is that denim shirt.

Would You Rather

Yes, it is finally time for our Dmitry Tursunov interview part 2. Unfortunately the last question and a half get cut off. I asked him “Who would you rather: Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?” Like any smart human being he chose Katy Perry. My next and final question was I would say the most important question of the entire day. Like this answer was going to be very crucial to my life. The last question was “Who would you rather: Katy Perry… or (drumroll please……) Me?”

Yep. I just actually asked that. It’s what popped into me head (OMG this wasn’t totally scripted and rehearsed, who would have guessed?!) so I asked it. Dmitry’s answer Me, because he has never met Katy, and knows me and well I seem pretty cool and nice. You know what. I’m took it. I took it and ran with it. Afterwards, we treated him and his doubles partner, our ballgirl/ex-ballgirl group new love Grigor Dmitrov, to cupcakes made by our favorite Katie Burns. Then Dmitry called me out on my twitter bio (@fierceb). Yes, when I signed up for twitter I didn’t have anything witty or clever to put there at the time and needed something fast, but hey I am 24 and I do like men.

Yes, this really happened. You can ask Dmitry Tursunov himself. He was a pretty hilarious twitter which you can follow @TursunovTales.

We would like to thank Dmitry from the bottom of our little hearts for doing this interview. Seriously, we really appreciate it. Good luck to you and your doubles partner Grigor at the US Open next week! You know that you have us rooting for you here in LA!

How do you know when it might be time to retire?

Well I have a clue for former number 1 Lleyton Hewitt. I think the time might be NOW. Like right now. You just lost in the first round to Blaz Kavcic 6-4, 7-6 at Winston-Salem today. I’m not saying this, because no one has heard of Blaz before. Blaz is actually ranked about 100 places higher than Hewitt. So that part makes sense. It’s the fact that Blaz Kavcic spent 50 HOURS travelling to Winston-Salem and still beat you.

You can hear all about his travels in this video:

I think it might be time to start looking into doing something else… Anything else really.

Like look at Andy Roddick.

Out of the top 10 and dropping slowly from the top 20. Does he care no, because he has found something he loves. No, I’m not talking about his wife. I’m talking about watching movies. The kid LOVES watching movies. All he does is watch movies. In our previous twitter post he commented about going to see Horrible Bosses. What is his next big twitter post

ITS ABOUT WATCHING A MOVIE PEOPLE! F PRACTICE! OR GETTING TREATMENT! LETS GO WATCH THE HELP! Andy this is your time. Fed and Rafa are playing like crap, and Nole just had to pull out of a final with an injury. Maybe you should use this time to get back together, and show Mardy Fish who is the american boss. Do what you want though. Spy Kids just came out. Based on your choices on Horrible Bosses and The Help combined with, this is probably all the action you can handle.

Like A Modern Day Little Mermaid

You’ve all seen the movie. A little mermaid named Ariel dreams of being human and walking around on land. She meets Ursula, a witch who says she will give Ariel legs for 3 days if Ariel in returns gives Ursula her voice. Like an idiot, Ariel agrees. Blah, blah, blah..

Mr. Rafael Nadal’s story is quite similar to this in my opinion. I don’t know what kind of witch he met as a child, or what kind of VooDoo magic Uncle Tony is into, but there was some sort of trade. Someone promised Nadal a couple of grand slam wins, or a number 1 ranking for one tiny little thing. That thing would Rafael Nadal’s common, basic life knowledge. This is my investigative reasoning:

So as my Cincy viewing yesterday was interrupted by my father’s love of court shows, I was luckily given the necessary details from my dear friend Geraghty. I received a text stating “What did Nadal do to his fingers?” Having absolutely no idea I looked it up. Thankful Yahoo News had the scoop.

The kid burnt them…. on a hot plate at a restaurant. Rafa, that’s why they tell you “Hot Plate.. Don’t Touch… Be Careful”. They just took that plate out of a microwave, or an oven broiler. DON’T TOUCH IT. He has even reported to have blisters on his fingers. What did you do? Grab and hold onto the plate for 10 min? It only takes two seconds to notice a plate is THAT hot.

What do you expect though. This is the same guy that brought you such classic moments as

Sitting and choking on a banana

And of course, getting stung by a bee… on an indoor court… in February.

Where are his parents. His whole family have been so into the tennis training they forgot to teach him how to chew food properly, and not touch hot things. Did he not go to kindergarten? I mean I guess it’s good that Rafa doesn’t have any real serious injuries (fingers crossed for those knees), and he is still able to play pretty well (despite being down 1-4 to Mardy Fish at the moment), but it looks like he doesn’t have any common sense as well. 

Yep, just like The Little Mermaid.

One of these things is not like the other….

I don’t know why I am so fascinated with the WTA lately. It’s probably, because I feel like I’m getting my high school gossip kicks for the day. Whatever floats your boat I guess. So as I looking at Cincytennis.com trying to keep on my scores I came across something very peculiar.

That peculiar thing would be this:

WHAT IS THAT PICTURE CARO!!  Why does she get a glamour shot?! I mean I know the girl needs all the help she can get in the looks department, but DAMN! That is some Vogue/Cosmo/Photoshop business right there. I mean look at Ana in the corner. She gets a photo taken candidly, but still rocks it. Let’s also mention poor Nadia. She tried to have that same Woz glamour, but alas, she ended up with some sort of Sears Portrait Studio/Promtastic/20 buck mall deal that’s missing a rainbow and cloud background and that glossy soft kinda fuzzy finish.

You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

 Maybe when you are number 1 Nadia. Maybe then you can have your true italian fashion mag picture that is just calling you so. Last, but certainly not least, you know there is something going on when I haven’t even mentioned that mess of a Gael Monfils. Boy needs a weave, a chemical peel, I dunno…SOMETHING!

WTA Wedding news!

Victoria here, again, and I’m on a WTA kick I guess. Congratulations to one of the women that I have always appreciated, Gisela Dulko! Yep Beautiful Gisela and her fellow Argentinian, Real Madrid’s Fernando Gago got hitched a couple weeks ago. They had a civil ceremony on Wednesday, July 29th, and their religious ceremony a couple days later. For those who know me, I would kill to have her civil ceremony dress as a wedding dress, let alone as just regular dress. Anyways, I’m jealous of it. They are probably the best looking couple in Argentina, and I only wish them the best!

The most amazing wedding dress ever!